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Getting started

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As a leader in integrated catchment management, the Goulburn  Broken CMA  have created this online engagement tool to complement traditional consultation for any Strategy development, with an initial focus on renewing our Regional Catchment Strategy.

WeConnect is a new interactive website to help you get involved in natural resource management strategy planning for the Goulburn Broken Catchment.
WeConnect has three components:
Library - Collection of supporting information
Blog - Stories, Update and News
Strategies - An online, live DRAFT of key strategies.  At the moment the development of the Regional Catchment Strategy is the focus of this component of WeConnect.  Find out how you can find and edit the Regional Catchment Strategy.

This page will help you to understand and navigate through WeConnect.


Netiquette (Network Etiquette) is the polite use of wikis, emails and other web-based communications and includes things like NOT SHOUTING (using all Caps) in your messages, not provoking a heated discussion (flaming) and not posting spam.

We encourage your contribution to WeConnect, but remember, your message is published to the whole world.

For more information, refer to the Participation Guideliens and Terms and Conditions found on the WeConnect Site. 

What is a wiki and why are we using one?

A wiki is series of linked on-line documents that anyone can edit and discuss. It allows us to engage with a number of people and groups simultaneously and get comments and discussion on the Regional Catchment Strategy while we are preparing it. It does not replace the usual process where a draft plan is released for formal comment.

Why should I create an account on WeConnect?

If you create an account, you will be able to add comments to blogs, library content and be able to provide direct input into our strategies during key times of consultation. This is a great opportunity to raise and discuss issues with other users and the Authority’s staff and have your say directly into our strategies.

The Goulburn Broken CMA will also send email updates to all registered users at key times throughout the process.

Do I need to register?

You can read the Strategies and library documents without creating an account. However, if you wish to make comments or load content, please use the 'Create new account' link from the home page to create an account.

How can I comment?

Registered users will have access to add comments to blogs, librarty content and strategies:

  • Navigate to where you would like to add a comment.
  • Click the 'Discussion' tab
  • Select 'Add new comment', type in your comment, select preview and then save.

 If you dont wish to register but still want to comment on a project, comments can be submitted using the WeConnect Contact Form email directly to the Authority at

How do I load a document, photo and/or video?

Registered users will have access to upload content to the Library:

  • Click on ‘Library’ tab on the main menu (left hand side of the WeConnect site).
  • Select Contribute a new resource to the library’.
  • Select the appropriate type of resource Document/ Audio/ Video/ Original Text
  • Create a title, upload the content and save.

How do I find the Regional Catchment Strategy?

From the WeConnect home page, navigate to the Regional Catchment Strategy by following the link under Strategies in the left hand navigation bar.


How do I view and edit the Regional Catchment Strategy?

All users will be able to view the Regional Catchment Strategy as sections are opened up once drafted.

During the drafting processes, registered users will have access to upload and edit content in the Regional Catchment Strategy as pages are opened up for comment and editing. 

 How can I view the Strategy?

  • Navigate to the page you would like to view using the table of contents under the Regional Catchment Strategy title.
  • Note that pages will be opened up as over time so check back on a regular basis.

How can I edit the Strategy?

  • Navigate to the where you would like to edit a page in the strategy.
  • Click the ‘edit’ tab.
  • Use the buttons to make the edits required.  Check out the quick reference guide to explain what buttons do.

  • Make your changes in the text box, select preview and then save (found at the very bottom of the page, you might need to scroll down the screen to find the buttons).

I can't seem to be able to edit a figure or table in the strategy, what should I do?

Some figures or tables have been included as JPG files are not able to be edited but you can suggest a change.

  • Navigate to the page that contains the figure or table you would like to see edited or that you would like to add a comment about.
  • Click the ‘Discussion’ tab
  • Select Add new comment’, type in your comment or suggested change, select preview and then save.

How can I insert a picture?

  • Open up a page to edit.
  • Click the Image Button (house and hills button).
  • Click 'Browse Server'.
  • Click 'Upload' (top left hand of box)
  • Click 'Browse' and find location of picture.
  • Click 'Upload' (under the list Create thumbnails).
  • Select filename.
  • Click 'Upload'.

How can I create a link from one page to another in the Strategy?

  • Open up a page to edit.
  • Click the Link Button (world with chain symbol).
  • Choose Link Type of Internal.
  • Type the page name. A list of pages should be displayed.
  • Select the page to be linked.

How can I create a link to an external web page?

  • Open up a page to edit.
  • Click the 'Link' Button (world with chain symbol).
  • Choose Link Type of URL.
  • Type or paste the URL of the web page to be linked to.