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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-2019

Evaluating and adapting sub-strategies

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The Goulburn Broken CMA has a relatively strong emphasis on long-term sub-strategies (see RCS sub-strategies in Chapter two).

The flowchart (Figure 9) is readily adapted and applied to all Goulburn Broken CMA issues that are the focus of strategic planning.

Several sub-strategies, including their natural asset focus, have been evaluated for many years in accordance with detailed evaluation plans. Sub-strategies usually undergo snapshot evaluations at least annually and major evaluations and adaptation every few years (see the RCS and sub-strategy evaluation and adaptation record). The Goulburn Broken CMA's Annual Report summarises sub-strategy progress in the three levels of evaluation listed in Table 16 and lists examples of evidence used to inform evaluation.

Table 16: Management measures for monitoring, evaluating and reporting progress of the RCS*

RCS element

Evidence of progress

Management measures


Progress against all elements listed below

Conduct a mid-term review of the RCS in 2015 and a final review of the RCS in 2018

Vision and purpose

Progress towards long-term (20 to 30-year)objectives for  biodiversity, land, water and people (drawn from sub-strategies)

Reconsider the appropriateness of the vision and purpose: in detail every three years and rapidly check annually

Via sub-strategies and implementation programs, continue to:

  • assign responsibilities for monitoring and evaluating progress
  • record on ground interventions, such as fencing riparian vegetation, using standardised approach
  • update assumed impact of on ground interventions, including from non-government funded sources
  • measure overall change in catchment condition resulting from all factors

6-year strategic objectives and strategic priorities

Progress in implementing management measures listed under each strategic objective and strategic priority

Develop the RCS action plan and evaluate and update annually

Include summaries of RCS and sub-strategy progress in Goulburn Broken CMA's Annual Report

* These management measures relate to the strategic priority 'Update and develop strategies' (from Chapter two under the strategic objective "to embed the resilience approach").