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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-2019

Appendix two: List of relevant policy, strategies and agreements

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A significant number of policies inform the development of the RCS and a summary list of these is provided below. These strategies provide guidelines for what needs to considered when developing strategic priorities. Both the RCS and sub-strategies provide a justification of how priorities relating to the Goulburn Broken Catchment will be progressed. New and emerging policies can be considered when developing sub-strategies or revising the RCS as these informing policies where not aligned with the timing of the RCS development.

Policies relevant to the Goulburn Broken CMA RCS


A Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia (EA 2001) - identifies important wetlands and provides a substantial knowledge base of what defines wetlands, their variety and the dependence on them of many flora and fauna species

A Framework for Determining Commonwealth Environmental Watering Actions 2009 -  provides a framework for determining Commonwealth environmental watering actions in the Murray-Darling Basin

Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010–2030 – guiding framework for conserving our nation’s biodiversity over the coming decades

Australian Pest Animal Strategy 2007 – addresses the undesirable impact of exotic vertebrate animals and to prevent the establishment of new exotic vertebrate pests

Basin Salinity Management Strategy 2001-2015 - provides a framework for communities and
Governments within the basin to control salinity and protect natural resource values

Living Murray First Step Decision (MDBC 2003) - acknowledged the then program of works and water recovery were only initial efforts to restoring the health of the River Murray.  As part of the first step, a water recovery and environmental works program was implemented to achieve environmental outcomes at the six icon sites

Murray–Darling Basin proposed Basin Plan – currently under development (as at May 2012), the proposed Basin Plan seeks to offer a revised approach to the management of the Basin and its water resources to achieve a healthy working Basin

National Framework for the Management and Monitoring of Australia’s Native Vegetation (2001) – aims to reverse the long-term decline in the quality and extent of Australia’s native vegetation cover

National Indigenous Reform Agreement (Closing the Gap) – Provides targets and objectives for all Australian Governments, who have shared responsibility for Closing the Gap in Indigenous disadvantage across key areas including education attainment and economic participation

National Water Quality Management Strategy (1992) – aims to protect the nation's water resources, by improving water quality while supporting the businesses, industry, environment and communities that depend on water for their continued development

Strategy for Australia’s National Reserve System 2009–2030 – strategy to achieve an effective reserve system by 2030 that secures biodiversity assets

The Australian Weeds Strategy ­(revised 2007) – addresses weed incursions and is an element of the integrated approach to national biosecurity

Wetlands Policy of the Commonwealth Government of Australia 1997 -  has defined and guided activities to ensure that all levels of government and the community are working together to conserve wetlands


Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2004 (Alpine Resorts 2020 Strategy) – guides sustainable long term planning and management

Biosecurity Strategy for Victoria 2009 – outlines the vision of biosecurity management

Indigenous Partnership Framework 2007–10 (reviewed 2010) – overarching strategy to facilitate participation of Traditional Owners in all aspects of land and natural resource management

Indigenous Partnership Framework 2007–10 (reviewed 2010) – overarching strategy to facilitate participation of Traditional Owners in all aspects of land and natural resource management

Invasive Plants and Animal Policy Framework 2010  -  framework for the management of existing and potential invasive species within the context of the Biosecurity Strategy for Victoria

Our Water Our Future (DSE 2004) - outlined the then Government’s water strategy for Victoria

Native Vegetation Management – A Framework for Action (Revised 2005) – sets out the broad approach to achieving a net gain in extent and quality of native vegetation

Policy for Sustainable Recreation and Tourism on Victoria’s Public Land 2002 – framework to assist and support public land managers to determine and assess recreation and tourism activities on public land

State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria 1988). sets the framework for government agencies, businesses and the community to work together, to protect and rehabilitate Victoria's surface water environments

State Environment Protection Policy (Groundwaters of Victoria) 1997 sets an integrated framework of environment protection goals for groundwater

Sustainability Charter for Victoria’s State Forests 2006 – vision and key objectives for the management of Victoria’s State Forests

2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission - influncing State and regional policy and planning on a number of issues including (but not limited to) land use and native vegetation management.

Victorian Bushfire Strategy 2008 – seeks to reduce the threat of bushfires and increase the ability of bushfire agencies to be better prepared to meet future challenges

Victorian Action Plan for Second Generation Landcare 2002 – guiding document for Victorian Government support to Landcare

Victorian Flood Management Strategy 1998 – seeks to achieve effective flood management

Victorian Planning Provisions 1998–99 – sets a series of goals for biodiversity management

Victorian River Health Strategy 2002 (under review as at May 2012) – provides a common vision for the management of rivers in Victoria

Victoria’s Nature based Tourism Strategy 2008–2012 – advocates for a range of tourism activities and infrastructure on public and freehold land

Victoria’s Salinity Management Framework 2000 – provides an outline of Victoria’s progress in the management of salinity


Hume Regional Growth Plan (in development) – will assess the growth potential, land supply, employment precincts and housing needs in identified regional growth areas. Significant work will be undertaken to identify open space, infrastructure and services for these communities

Hume Strategy for Sustainable Communities (Hume Strategy) – is a 10 year strategic plan to provide advice and make recommendations to inform decision making and investment in the Hume Region

Municipal environmental strategies – (various) outline a proactive, collaborative and strategic approach to protecting the local environment

Municipal Planning Schemes - The Planning and Environment Act enables municipal councils to introduce planning schemes to control land use. The Victoria Planning Provisions (VPPs) provide a state-wide uniform format for municipal planning schemes. The VPPs contain a State Planning Policy Framework for floodplain management and a local Planning Policy Framework, which includes four area controls for land liable to flooding (DSE, 2012).

Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy – framework to secure the water future for urban, industrial, agricultural and environmental water users for the next 50 years