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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-2019

Appendix one: Legislation underpinning the Regional Catchment Strategy

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Legislation relevant to the Goulburn Broken RCS


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Act 1984 – provides a mechanism for the Australian Government to protect traditionally important areas or objects that are under threat and not protected by other laws

Australian Heritage Commission Act 1975 (Register of the National Estate) - establishes the Australian Heritage Commission which works to conserve, improve and present the national estate

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 – provides the legal framework for the protection and management of nationally and internationally important flora, fauna, ecological communities and heritage places

Native Title Act 1993 – establishes the framework for the protection and recognition of native title

Water Act 2007 – makes provision for the management of the water resources of the Murray–Darling Basin


Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 – provides protection for all Aboriginal places, objects and human remains

Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997 – provides the framework for the management of alpine resorts

Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics Preservation Act 1972 - makes provision for the preservation of Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics

Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 – provides the framework for the integrated management and protection of catchments

Climate Change Act 2010 – provides the framework for Victoria’s action on climate change

Conservation, Forests and Lands Act 1987 – provides a framework and administrative provisions for the land management system

Cooperative Management Agreement 2004 – an agreement designed to provide a formal role for Yorta Yorta people in managing designated areas of Yorta Yorta traditional country on Crown Land within Victoria

Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 – provides for reservation of Crown Land for a variety of public purposes

Environment Protection Act 1970 – establishes the Environmental Protection Authority and makes provision for the Authority’s powers, duties and functions

Fisheries Act 1995 – provides the framework for the regulation, management and conservation of Victorian fisheries and aquatic habitats

Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 – provides basic lead powers and management systems for the protection of native species

Forests Act 1958 – provides for the management of State forests

Heritage Rivers Act 1992 – provides for the protection of public land alongside and in certain parts of heritage rivers and river catchment areas which have significant nature conservation, recreation, scenic or cultural heritage attributes

Land Act 1958 – provision for the leasing, occupation and sale of unreserved Crown Land

Murray–Darling Basin Act 1993 – enables the agreement between the Australian, NSW, SA, QLD and Victoria on water, land and other environmental resources of the Basin to be carried out

National Parks Act 1975 – makes provision for National and other parks including their management and administration

Parks Victoria Act 1998 – establishes Parks Victoria whose responsibilities include the management of the State's national, state, regional and metropolitan parks

Planning and Environment Act 1987 – establishes a framework for planning the use, development and protection of land in Victoria

Reference Areas Act 1978 – provides for the proclamation of reference areas to serve as a reference for comparative purposes

State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) 2003 - help to protect water environments by providing a ‘blueprint’ of agreed environmental outcomes and strategic directions for protecting Victoria’s waters.

Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 – provides for the sustainable management of forests.

Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010 – enables the Government to make agreements to recognise Traditional Owners and their rights with respect to Crown Land.

Victorian Environment Assessment Council Act 2001 – establishes the Council to investigate and provide recommendations regarding the protection and ecologically sustainable management of public land.

Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972 – establishes the Trust for Nature.

Water Act 1989 – establishes rights and obligations in relation to use of water resources.

Wildlife Act 1975 – provides for the establishment and management of wildlife and nature reserves including licensing, research and enforcement and hunting.