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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Actions and Effort - Adapt to land-use change

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*Progress rating is an indictaive qualitative assessment, these wil be further refined through data analysis, stakeholder and community consultation.

Strategic priority: Capture opportuntites from land development



RCS Actions



Case Studies

Deliver farm planning to integrate ecological and agricultural productivity benefits Review whole farm planning processes to ensure biodiversity and water is adequately addressed 
Whole Farm Planning is currently been reviewed and funding sort to run the program.
Environmental Best Management Practice courses   
Plan land-use to minimise loss of biodiversity Primarily in the Box-Ironbark Forest areas, possible interventions: alternative firewood plantations, large tree protection, encouragement of natural regeneration, ecological thinning of trees requires research,  manage the impact of native herbivores on private and public land, provision of permanent artificial hollows, reinstatement of understorey (including targeted seed collection programs). Also, seek historical data and monitoring results from the large natural reference area of Puckapunyal Whroo Goldfields Conservation Managment Network has a 1000 Hollows project and are actively creating corridors and new habitat.
Strategic land use planning for native vegetation off setting – Local Government over the counter native vegetation off setting program   
Manage wastewater treatment and stormwater runoff to minimise pollutants to urban waterways and wetlands Promote recycling of stormwater and runoff from roads into dams There is an education package availble for schools on the Goulburn Valley Water website
Work with local industries to reduce pollution including to stormwater  Great Shepparton Stormwater Management Plan supports urban designs and priorities
Promote land-use capability assessments and implementation, including use and management of water Manage water extraction sustainably   
Incorporate into the Victorian Planning provisions the requirement for land management plans to be provided as subdivision stage   
  Investigate the oppurtunities for Taunurung and Yorta Yorta to manage their own land for cultural practices, healing and camps A water plan for Yorta Yorta is currently been developed

Strategic priority: Plan for and manage floods



RCS Actions



Case Studies

Provide floodplain decisions and advice in land-use planning Sustainable agriculture practice research and extension e.g. Gecko Clan’s Pasture Cropping and sustainable farming education and Strathbogie Tablelands Landcare Alternative Fertiliser Trials and acid tolerant pasture species. 

Gecko CLaN's Pasture Cropping project has created a great resource of information relating to sustainable agriculture.

Strathbogie Tablelands Landcare group have run a trial using alternative fertilizers.

GB CMA SoilCare program in conjunction with private landholders and groups are conducting seven demonstration sites.

Promote Whole Farm Planning program 
Understand more about the nature of flooding to manage its impact on the natural and built environments Promote the importance of flooding to the landscape including to urban people 

Signage of past flooding levels have been placed in Murchison and along the Goulburn River.

Yorta Yorta Country Plan identify improving water flows and wetland restoration as important to them.

Ensure communities are aware of flood levels in relation to their properties