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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-2019

6-year priorities at whole-of-Catchment scale - Levels 3 and 4

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This RCS includes 6-year strategic objectives and priorities that have been developed specifically to achieve the long-term vision and 20 to 30-year objectives for the Catchment.

Strategic objectives emphasise building resilience, with aims to embed a resilience approach generally, including strengthening of partnerships and adapting to four, often connected, drivers of change (water policy reform, land-use changes, climate variability and increased farm production).
These four drivers of change pose risks to, and offer opportunities for, the Catchment’s biodiversity, land, water and people.

Strategic objectives and priorities that apply at the whole-of-Catchment scale are described in this chapter. Chapter three describes how strategic objectives and priorities apply in each of the sub-Catchment SESs.