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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Local Plans

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This Local Plan has been developed to communicate the priorities – and actions -  for supporting the local community as it responds to changes in land use, water policy reform, climate and farm production.

There are six regions – or social-ecological systems (SES) – identified in the Goulburn Broken Regional Catchment Strategy 2013 - 2019 (RCS), which guides efforts to sustain and restore the natural environment that underpins our way of life, wellbeing, prosperity and future.

Each SES is made up of communities and landscapes that share similar characteristics and issues that give them a unique identity.

Local Plans have been developed for each SES as we recognise the people living and working in each SES are best placed to prioritise the activities needed to build the resilience of the region’s critical ecosystem services (such as productive soils, clean air, high quality water). These local actions contribute to the success of Catchment-wide efforts to respond to issues such as fire, flood, drought and changes in land use.

Use the map below to view your Local Plan.

Agricultural FloodplainsProductive PlainsCommuting HillsUpland SlopesSouthern Forests


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