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Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Strategy

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Local Plans

Local Plan - Upland Slopes

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The Upland Slopes extends across the Strathbogie Ranges hills and south to the  valleys around Merton, Alexandra and Mansfield in the Goulburn Broken Catchment. The landscape is typified by large old scattered trees within winding valleys, meandering between often forested hillsides.
The Taungurung Clans were the first people of the rivers, valleys and mountains in this region. Before European settlement, the hills were covered in forests and open grassy woodlands dominated the valleys. More recently, this area has been dominated by agricultural land. Natural events, such as drought and fire, also shape the landscape.
The many waterways yield a good quality and quantity of water, which provides economic (agriculture and tourism), ecological, and social (lifestyle and and recreational (boating, fishing)) services. The remaining native vegetation is valued for the ecosystem services it provides as well as economic (tourism, forestry) and social (aesthetics, lifestyle) values it provides. Agricultural production is valued, and lifestyle opportunities of this area are increasingly appreciated by full-time and occasional residents.
The future aspiration for the Upland Slopes is an area of inspired and diverse community participating widely in sustainable agriculture and lifestyle land-use, for conservation, production and tourism outcomes.